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Early tests of BlazeDAG currently reach 830k TPS with max. 2 second finality in an AWS deployment with 20 geographically distributed single-machine validators over 5 continents.

Phase 1

Q4 2023

  • Beacon chain kickstarts the ecosystem
  • Lachesis DAG-based aBFT consensus protocol with
guaranteed finality
  • Asynchronous: Participants have the freedom to process commands at different times.
  • Leaderless: No participant plays a 'special' role: Lachesis protocol is leaderless achieving complete asynchrony, no round robin
and no proof-of-work.
  • Byzantine Fault-Tolerant: Supports one third of faulty nodes, including malicious behavior
  • Finality: Lachesis's output can be used immediately, no need for block confirmations, etc. Every confirmed transaction is final, unless more than 1/3W of validators are Byzantine.

Phase 2

Q4 2024

  • BlazeDAG and BlazeTM
  • Scaling validator nodes: Validator nodes are split into master and worker nodes
  • Transferring and storing transaction data is a parallel process
  • Scaling transaction processing​: BlazeTM, an execution engine that leverages a distributed high-performance transactional memory implementation to enable parallel processing of transactions on multiple machines


Gas fees for subscribers



800k TPS

on Phase 2